Our Company SIMEX is located in North-West Madagascar, about twenty kilometers from the Mozambique Channel, in front of Nosy Be. SIMEX CARTE
Our region is better known as SAMBIRANO: the river that crosses it gives it its name. Administratively, we speak rather of the District of AMBANJA with its 5433 km², that is to say almost 25% of the province.

The river SAMBIRANO comes from the heights of TSARATANANA and extends with its tributaries to the bottom of the Bay of Ampasindava.
This broad valley bordered by two mountain ranges is home to two nature reserves:
• The MANONGARIVO with its 1873m, to the west.
• The TSARATANANA, to the east, with its summit the MAROMOKOTRA and its 2873m is the highest point of Madagascar.
This valley thus enjoys a complex and original wet climate, called the domain of Sambirano by the geographers. Its relief and climate benefits from the condensing role of Tsaratanana and makes it a tropical wetland suitable for crops with rainfall above regional and local averages.
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